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Alphacool Announces NexXxos HPE Radiators For Custom Water Cooling

A week or so ago, Alphacool announced two new All-In-One coolers utilizing its new NexXxos HPE radiators. Recently, they released these new high-performance radiators as stand-alone products for custom water cooling enthusiasts. The HPE-30 and HPE-45 compliment the NexXxos line-up with the same full-copper design. What makes these high-performance edition radiators different are the increased water channels and tighter fin density.  A full array of sizes are available for 120 mm or 140 mm fans and pricing starts at $75. For a complete list of specifications see Alphacool’s press release below.


Phanteks Announces Glacier G3090Ti GPU Blocks for ASUS Strix and TUF

Phanteks has recently announced the launch of its Glacier GPU full cover water blocks for the ASUS RTX 3090 Ti Strix and Tuf models. The Glacier line of water blocks features nickel-plated copper with a clear acrylic top and looks amazing with the included addressable RGB lighting. Each model is available with black or chrome accent pieces. For pricing and availability please read Phanteks’ press release below.


DeepCool Launches AK400 120mm Tower Cooler

Yesterday, DeepCool launched the AK400 single tower 120 mm CPU cooler. Featuring four heat pipes measuring six millimeters in diameter with direct IHS contact, DeepCool claims the new heatsink will dissipate up to 220 Watts. The included 120 mm fan features an RGB-less aesthetic, fluid dynamic bearing, and spins up to 1850 RPM. DeepCool is offering the AK400 for only $34.99 and local availability is still to be determined. Below are the specifications from the DeepCool website along with the press release.


V-Color Manta XPrism 32GB DDR5-6200 CL36 Review

This review will present the V-Color Manta, which was just released to stores.

V-Color isn’t a popular brand in the US but is gaining fans with a balanced price and good quality. I had a chance to review previous memory kits of this manufacturer, and I’m glad to see how the brand has been improving over the last few years. V-Color also isn’t afraid to release high-frequency memory kits, but sadly, most of them we can see only on the motherboards’ RAM compatibility lists. Enough with the introduction; let’s look at the reviewed memory kit from the Manta series.


G.SKILL Announces New Ultra Low-Latency DDR5-6600 CL34 Memory Kit

Today G.Skill announced its newest Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-6600 CL34 low latency memory kit. It comes as a 32GB set (2x16GB) with compatibility for Intel’s Z690 chipset and 12th Generation Core processors. It’s taking some time, but we’re finally seeing higher speeds and lower latency kits starting to hit the market. Pricing is not available at this time, but we expect them to be available sometime in May. Below is G.Skill’s official press release.

Colorful Warhalberd NVMe 512 GB

Colorful Warhalberd CN600 M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen3 512 GB SSD Review

Colorful has been in the personal computer industry for over 25 years, yet many of us aren’t that familiar with its products. This is primarily due to its substantial presence in China and only within about the last decade have they expanded operations to include the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The product we are reviewing today is the Colorful Warhalberd CN600 M.2 PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD. It comes in two sizes (256 GB and 512GB), of which we’re testing the latter. Colorful situates the CN600 as an affordable option for the budget-conscious shopper looking for an entry-level NVMe SSD. We’ll take a detailed look at the drive’s specifications, features, and performance and see if it’s worth a look for your storage needs.


Biostar Unveils Z690A-SILVER ATX Motherboard

Biostar has just unveiled its new Z690A-SILVER ATX motherboard for Intel’s 12th-Gen Alder Lake processors. This latest offering from Biostar utilizes Intel’s Z690 chipset along with PCIe 5.0 technology supporting up to four DIMMs of DDR4. Pricing and availability are not known at this time, but we expect the board to be on the less expensive side of the Z690 spectrum. If you would like to know more, please continue reading Biostar’s press release or click the link at the bottom for complete details and compatibility.


ADATA Announces SE880 USB 3.2 Gen2 x2 External Solid State Drive

ADATA has just announced its latest portable solid state drive, the SE880. The compact design utilizes a USB 3.2 Gen2 x2 Type-C port for ultra-fast data transfers with read and write speeds rated up to 2000 MB/s. The SE880 is available in 500 GB or 1 TB models at Amazon or Shop ADATA. pricing has yet to be released. For more information please read ADATA’s press release below.

Silicon Power Armor A66 2 TB

Silicon Power Armor A66 USB 3.2 Gen1 2 TB Portable Hard Drive Review

Today we have an opportunity to share some information about an external hard drive. From cold storage and backups to a traveling drive, some users need the portability of such devices. And if you’re anything like me, these drives can take some abuse during their travels which may require more protection than a simple plastic case. Silicon Power mitigates this risk in the Armor A66 by placing a HDD inside a military drop-test standard (MIL-STD-810G) and IPX4 water-resistant chassis. We’ve got 2 TB black and yellow version, but there are different colors to choose from and capacities reach up to 5 TB. We’ll take a look at the heavy-duty construction of the A66, highlight the durable features, and help you determine if it will suit your demanding needs.


EK Launches 3-Slot Vertical GPU Riser with PCIe Gen4 Cable

Over the weekend, EKWB announced the launch of its EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder EVO – Gen4 Riser. Many of our members like the aesthetics of a vertical mounted GPU, unfortunately, many chassis either do not provide mounting for this, or the mounting provided is simply inadequate for these triple slot monstrosities. EK has provided a solution for some of these cases. This heavy-duty riser is designed for the newly released triple-slot graphics cards and also features a fourth-generation PCIe offset cable.  Check the press release below to help identify if your chassis is compatible with this style of vertical GPU mount. EK has the Loop Vertical GPU Holder EVO and cable listed for $139.99.