Lian Li

LIAN LI Reveals New Prototypes at Digital Expo 2.0

Recently, Lian Li reveals multiple prototype components at the Digital Expo 2.0. Several new cases were featured along with a new All-In-One CPU liquid cooler and new and improved fans. The press release below highlights these new future products but we would encourage everyone interested to also check out the Digital Expo for themselves on YouTube linked here. Here at Overclockers, we are especially excited about these new prototypes as we were allowed an insider’s look several months ago and were given the opportunity to offer suggestions and possible improvements before being released to the public. Below is Lian Li’s press release.

Colorful Feature

Colorful Launches GTX 1630 NB Entry-Level GPU

Today, with Nvidia’s launch of the new GTX 1630 graphics card, Colorful is the first manufacturing tree to bear fruit with its GTX 1630 NB GPU. Slated as Nvidia’s new entry-level product, the GTX 1630 features a TU117 Turing processor with 512 CUDA cores and 4 GB of DDR6 memory.  Colorful’s GTX1630 NB comes equipped with two 90 mm fans and a red and black shroud and looks vaguely like old MSI cards when they were red and black. Connectivity is possible via a single HDMI, Display Port, or DVI connector.  Availability is expected in the fourth quarter of this year (2022) with a price tag of $169.


Nvidia Releases 516.59 Game Ready Driver: Supports GTX 1630, Windows 22H2, F1 22

Today, Nvidia released its latest Game Ready driver to support the ‘new’ GeForce GTX 1630 as well as day-o support for the new F1 22 racing game. The new driver also supports the latest version of Windows 11, 22H2 which we should see in the coming months (unless you’re a Windows Insider, it’s available now). On top of the new graphics card and gaming support, there are other compiler upgrades and CUDA 11.7 support. Read the information below for details on fixes and outstanding issues as well as a link to download from Nvidia.


EVGA Introduces SuperNOVA G7 Series Power Supplies

Yesterday, EVGA introduced its new SuperNOVA G7 series power supplies. This latest line-up consists of four 80+ Gold models with power ratings ranging from 650 Watts to 1000 Watts. An LED system load indicator is located at the side of the PSU, providing users with instant feedback on their rig’s power usage. Each of the G7 models is fully modular and backed by EVGA’s 10-year limited warranty. MSRP starts at $159 for the 650 Watt model and goes up to $259 for the 1000 Watt version. EVGA frequently offers various instant rebates and currently offers $20-30 off for the whole line-up. Below is EVGA’s press release.


Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 516.40 WHQL Update

Nvidia recently updated its GeForce Game Ready Driver to 516.40 WHQL. The latest patch includes support for Fall Guys: Free For All and brings DLSS and Ray-Tracing support for Jurassic World Evolution 2, ICARUS, and Resident Evils 2, 3, and 7. This update also brings one-click optimization to multiple titles and corrects several known bugs. Below is Nvidia’s press release along with a download link. 

Alphacool Featured

Alphacool Announces Apex 17 W/mk Thermal Grease

Recently Alphacool announced its Apex thermal grease with a rated thermal conductivity of 17 W/mk. This is considerably higher than the average, and anything rated above 8.5 W/mk is generally considered high performance. Alphacool accomplishes this by utilizing “nano-particles” with lower thermal impedance. The Apex Thermal Grease will be available at Alphacool’s website for $15.62 and come in a four-gram syringe. Below is Alphacool’s press release, along with additional specifications.


Biostar Announces B660T-Silver mITX Motherboard

Biostar has just announced its latest B660 chipset motherboard in MiniITX form factor, the B660T-Silver. Featuring two DDR4 slots with a maximum rated boost clock of 5000+ MHz (O.C.), the B660T-Silver also features a 9-phase power delivery section and a PCIe 5.0 slot. Pricing and availability have not been disclosed at this time, so stay tuned for future updates. Below is Biostar’s press release if you would like additional information.

Silicon Power

Silicon Power Announces XPower Zenith DDR5 Memory

This morning, Silicon Power released its first DDR5 ram modules designated XPower Zenith DDR5 and available in capacities of 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB with speeds ranging from 5200 MHz up to 6000 MHz. The new XPower Zenith ram will also be available in ARGB and non-RGB versions. Unfortunately, pricing and availability were not included in the below press release.

Alphacool Featured

Alphacool Announces White Edition Rise Aurora Series Fans

Alphacool has just announced the white edition to the Rise Aurora series fans. Available in 120 mm or 140 mm and now black or white, the Rise Aurora boasts some pretty impressive specifications. The Rise Aurora fans are PWM controlled and feature ARGB lighting. Priced at $20.23 for the 120 mm and $23.43 for the 140 mm fans, the new white series is the perfect match for your all-white build. Below is Alphacool’s press release.


Samsung Announces Odyssey Neo G8. The World’s First 240 Hz 4K Gaming Monitor

Samsung recently announced the Odyssey series of gaming monitors. The Odyssey Neo G8 features a world-first 240 Hz 4K gaming experience while the Odessey Neo is an impressive 165 Hz 4K monitor. Both feature a 32-inch curved VA panel. If you prefer the beauty of an IPS screen then the Odyssey G4 may be what you’re looking for. The G4 is available in either a 27 or 24 inch flat screen capable of 240 Hz with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. Pricing and availability were not announced in this press release. Below are the full details from Samsung.