AMD Releases Radeon Adrenalin Software 22.10.2 Update

Last week, AMD released an update to its Radeon Adrenalin Software to 22.10.2. There is no additional game support included with this patch; however, it does fix several bugs, such as driver timeouts, video stuttering, and dropped frame rates. Most of the issues seem to deal with the 6000 series GPUs, but other series may benefit from this update too. For a complete compatibility list and a download link, please see AMD’s press Release Notes below.


Phanteks Announces Glacier G40 GPU Water Block for ASUS Strix/TUF RTX 4090/4080

Phanteks has just announced its Glacier G40 ASUS Strix/TUF water block for the new RTX 4090 and 4080 GPUs. The full-cover copper cold plate is designed to cool the entire GPU including the memory and power delivery components. The addressable RGB lighting looks fantastic through the clear acrylic top. The location of the fittings has also been revamped to assist hose routing as the 4000 series GPUs are incredibly large. The new blocks are available in satin black for $249.99 or your choice of chrome or matte white for $269.99 on the Phanteks website. Below is Phanteks’ press release.


Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith 32GB DDR5-5600 CL40 Memory Kit Review

The second year is starting for the DDR5 memory series, and we finally have a chance to check Silicon Power’s latest offerings. Silicon Power maybe isn’t the most popular brand, but it is expanding each year and delivers great products at a reasonable price. The new Zenith DDR5 memory series is precisely one of those products, so I’m sure it will interest our readers. Today’s review presents a memory kit that should meet the needs of gamers and all those who care about stability more than breaking world records. 


Cherry MX Announces ERGO Clear Key Switch

A member from Geekhack Forum created their own hybrid key switches by replacing the springs in a set of MX Clear with ones from a set of MX Black. The resulting product proved to be so well received that Cherry MX has decided to mass-produce it as the ERGO Clear which now sits between the MX Clear and MX Brown in the product stack. These are currently available as replacement switches, but complete motherboards will soon feature this new hybrid SKU. Pricing was not listed in the official press release.


EK Announces ASUS ROG Strix/TUF RTX 4090 Water Blocks and Backplate

EKWB has announced a new product line for the newly released ASUS ROG Strix and TUF RTX 4090 GPUs. The EK-Quantum Vector2 Strix/TUF RTX 4090 lineup includes Acetal and Plexiglass water blocks as well as an actively water-cooled backplate. Addressable RGB is included with each new product. Product availability dates have not been announced, but the projected MSRP is expected to start around $250. EKWB’s press release below has a more comprehensive description of the new products.


Nvidia RTX 4090 Review: MSI’s Suprim Liquid X Tames Ada Lovelace

Today marks the release of Nvidia’s new RTX 4000 series graphics cards based on the Ada Lovelace GPU architecture. According to Nvidia, the latest video cards provide the most considerable generational performance upgrade in their history, which is made by a few new key innovations, including the new architecture and core for faster ray tracing, improved harder execution reordering, and the new DLSS 3.0 which is said to improve frame rates up to 2x versus DLSS 2.0. Leaked benchmarks show the new series to be quite the performer, so without further ado, we’ll share all the details of the new architecture and specifications, then get into the benchmarks!


Corsair Announces EX100U Portable Drive

Corsair has announced the EX100U mobile storage drive. This small portable drive uses a USB Type-C Gen 2×2 connector to achieve up to 1,600 MB/s sequential read speeds and 1,500 MB/s sequential write speeds. Corsair also includes a Type-C to Type-A cable for additional connectivity options. The press announcement states capacities of 500 GB to 4 TB, though searching the Corsair website shows from 1 TB to 4 TB. Pricing for the 1 TB model is $102.99 at the time of this writing. For more information, see Corsair’s press release below.