3.8 Conroes? . . .

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If you haven’t looked at XtremeSystems Forums lately, maybe you should.

There’s multiple reports of people getting 3.8GHz or better with high-end air with pre-release Conroes.

Uhhh, that’s very good.

If the average person is able to get even just 3.6GHz when the released Conroes come out, it’s going to be Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum time for the Intel side.

Yes, these benchmarks are coming from the higher-end Conroes, and you’ll probably need one to hit 3.8GHz (simply due to FSB limitations), but some of these reports are coming from 6600s, and even on presale, you can find one of those for $350.

But when a 3.8GHz Conroe would work out to the rough equivalent of a 4.3-4.5GHz X2, or about a 6GHz PIV, it is awfully tempting. 🙂



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