3GHz On Air? . . . 2303

Over the past few weeks, some intrepid souls have found out that single-core Opterons have more going for them than just price.

Some of them are overclocking rather better than the Athlon 64s. What’s “somewhat better?” Well, if you get the right type, you have at least a decent chance of 3GHz on high-end air.

What’s “the right type?” Well, the consensus at the moment is that Opterons with a code starting with CABNE are the best, CABYEs aren’t quite as good, but still very good, CAB2Es are lower still, and CABGEs are no better than the A64s.

If you’d like to read two rather extended forum threads to get up to speed on the subject, go here and here.

You could also use the old search engine with terms like “Opteron CABNE” to see what else is out there.

Or, you can wait for me to do it, and come back tomorrow. 🙂


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