Corsair Launches HS65 Surround Gaming Headset

Corsair has just launched the HS65 SURROUND gaming headset with Sonarworks SoundID technology. Constructed on a durable but lightweight aluminum framework and soft memory foam encapsulate the 50mm neodymium drivers providing maximum comfort. The HS65 SURROUND features a 3.5mm connector and USB adaptor for compatibility with your PC and nearly all gaming consoles. MSRP is set at $99.99 and is available at the Corsair website and all the usual Corsair vendors. For additional information, continue reading Corsair’s official press release.


Corsair Launches PC Builder Online Tool

Today, Corsair launched a new web-based PC building tool to aid DIY gamers when building their next system. Corsair PC Builder is very similar to the compatibility feature found at with the added feature of ensuring your components are optimized together, helping to reduce bottlenecks in the system. Corsair also claims this tool verifies all your components will fit into the selected case, even if it is not a Corsair chassis. Please read Corsair’s press release below for a link to the Corsair PC Builder and additional information.


Corsair Launches MP600 PRO LPX M.2 SSD

Today, Corsair announced the launch of the MP600 PRO LPX M.2 SSD. Boasting speeds of 7,100 MB/s sequential reads and6,800 MB/s sequential writes, the newest MP600 will be a major upgrade for any gaming system. That includes your PlayStation 5. That’s right, the MP600 PRO LPX is designed for your gaming PC as well as your new PlayStation. Storage capacities range from as low as 500 GB and go all the way up to a staggering 4 TB. Corsair is currently selling the MP600 PRO LPX on its website and pricing ranges from just $99.99 for the 500 GB up to an equally shocking $784.99 for the 4 TB. Below is Corsair’s official press release.


CES 2022: Corsair unveils New Corsair ONE i300 Compact Desktop

For CES 2022, Corsair didn’t have a lot going on as far as new items are concerned. While we normally see a variety of things from companies such as Corsair, the only announcement for this year’s CES is the lastest Corsair ONE i300 compact desktop. The new systems are powerhouses using the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors started with the flagship Core i9-12900K. Inside it’s  stacked with Corsair components including Vengeance brand DDR5 memory and an RTX 3080 Ti. Please read the press release below for details!

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

Corsair Announces Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 Memory

Corsair has just announced that its new Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 memory kits can reach speeds of up to 6400 MHz. Compatible with Intel’s 12-Gen Core processors, the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 are sold ranging from 4800 MHz up to 6400 Mhz kits. Pricing starts around $335 for a 32 GB 4800 MHz set (not all prices listed yet) and can go as high as $670 for the 64 GB 6400 MHz kit. Corsair sells these directly through its website or you can find them at all retailers that normally carry Corsair products. Below is the official press release along with a nice shout-out to author David Miller (mllrkllr88).

Corsair ELITE LCD Coolers

Corsair Launches ELITE LCD AIO Liquid coolers

Yesterday, Corsair launched an ELITE LCD for many of its AIO liquid coolers. The iCUE ELITE LCD is available as an upgrade and is included in many of the ELITE series coolers. It features a 2.1″ IPS liquid crystal screen and displays various system statuses including temperature and clock speeds, or you can customize it with GIFs, videos, or images. The new ELITE AIO coolers include ML RGB ELITE fans featuring magnetic levitation bearings, addressable RGB LEDs, PWM control, and speeds up to 2,000 RPM. There are several models of ELITE coolers available so pricing varies but the upgrade kit for the LCD is $99.99 at the Corsair online store. Below is Corsair’s press release with additional information and links to the individual products.

Corsair MP600 PRO XT

Corsair Launches MP600 PRO XT PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD

Today, Corsair launched the MP600 PRO XT SSD, adding to the already extensive MP600 line-up. A PCIe 4.0 NVMe, the MP600 PRO XT features sequential read and write speeds of up to 7,100 MB/s and 6,800 MB/s respectively. Utilizing 3D TLC NAND technology, it is available in 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB models. Pricing ranges from $199.99 for the 1 TB model up to a ‘you gotta be kidding me’ sticker price of $989.99 for the 4 TB. You can purchase these at the Corsair online web store now, and soon will be available at any store that carries Corsair products. Below is Corsair’s official press release.

Corsair Vengeance RGB RT and RS

Corsair Launches Vengeance RGB RT and RS Series Memory Modules

Today, Corsair launched two new arrivals to the Vengeance memory series, the RGB RT and RGB RS. The Vengeance RGB RT is available in up to 256 GB kits with frequencies of up to 4600 MHz while the RGB RS kits are available up to 128 GB with speeds up to 3600 MHz. Naturally, Corsair’s iCUE software controls the lighting. Pricing for the RS starts as low as $49.99 for a 1×8 GB 3200 MHz CL16 module while the RT models range from $109.99 for a 2×8 GB 3200 MHz CL16 kit all the way up to $2,089.99 for an 8x32GB (256 GB) 3600 MHz CL18 kit. For more details, continue reading Corsair’s press release below.

Corsair HS80 Wireless RGB Headset

Corsair Launches HS80 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

Today, Corsair launched the HS80 Wireless Gaming Headset. Designed for both PC and console gamers, the new HS80 features SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology that allows 24bit audio with up to 60′ range. It can also be connected via a USB tether for maximum audio quality. Current availability is through the Corsair website for $179.30. Below is Corsair’s press release.


CORSAIR Launches VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless XT Gaming Headset

Corsair has just announced the Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT gaming headset. This new top-of-the-line headset simultaneously connects via Slipstream Wireless and Bluetooth technologies for unrivaled dual wireless connectivity. It also features Dolby Atmos 3-D spatial audio covering a frequency range from 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz. The Corsair Virtuoso XT Wireless is available right now on the Corsair website for $269.99. Continue reading Corsair’s press release below for additional information.