A $300 Rocket . . .

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An email from a long-term reader:

Yep, Ed, you’re right on the Conroe thing.

The 4300 when it gets here at around $130 or so is going to hit like a tidal wave.

I’ve built a few middling high end Conroe 6600 systems and they just fly– but they used expensive MB’s and expensive DDR2 and the 6600’s are not cheap–although compared to everything else out there for the punch per dollar they are not a bad buy.

But WHEN the 4300 series gets here–thats going to be a whole new ballgame.

By then, DDR2 is likely to be cheap and there will be motherboards for Conroe–everywhere and I’m not talking about $295+ gold plated MB’s– i’m talking $80ish Asrocks and ECS’s that will likely be good for OCing as well as low priced.
Say an Asrock mb–$80 two 512 of DDR2 that can OC to around 800mhz $85 and then the 4300 for about $130?

For around $300 some odd bucks–you get a whole new system with more computing power than anything else out there when OCed.

The wise thing to do is wait until then –the NF5 will even be cheap then as well as the Intel chipsets–

EDitorial note: The RD600 motherboards will be out by then to help the price competition, too.

And yes, maybe we’ll see great, cheap 65nm AMD chips by then, and if so, more’s the merriment.

If you don’t know about the E4300 yet, go here.

Maybe not you, but a lot of people want or need to save some money to buy a better video card, and this system will be as fast or faster than anything you can buy in the next month or two.



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