A Big Find

(Ed. note: This discontinued monitor has been floating around various places for a while. I haven’t mentioned
it in the past because of the problems rather nicely described below. While it’s not available at least at the Costco
website anymore, it may be at the stores, and probably will show up sometime, somewhere. If the problems mentioned don’t
perturb you, this could be a real bargain.–Ed)

I haven’t looked lately, so they might be gone, but I got a 21-inch Nokia monitor
(the Nokia 445Pro) at Costco for $299 plus tax. It’s a Sony Trinitron, and is
perfectly flat.

Nokia monitors are no longer being made; they sold their business to
Viewsonic. (I have two perfectly flat viewsonics, 17 and 19inch and I love
them by the way).

This made me concerned, but Nokia and Viewsonic both told me
they would honor the warranty. Better yet, Costco told me they would
guarantee it for 3 years, and return it with NO questions asked as part of my

The screen isn’t perfect. It looks a
little washed-out and needssome tweaking to get all the displayed lines

On the other hand the resolution and refresh rates are

Might be something to look into.

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