A Bunch of Intel Tidbits

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Digitimes had a pretty useful interview with an Intel bigwig (Sunil Kumar, director of chipset marketing) the other day.

I say “useful” because while there’s no earthshattering revelations in it, Digitimes asked, and Intel answered quite a few questions people often ask about the future that don’t normally get covered

For instance, expect the next socket change to occur with the next two years. Intel indicated that they usually use a socket for two to three generations of chipsets. Well, socket 775 is currently in its first generation, the second will come out shortly, and a third will probably be out a year from now. So the socket might change a year from now, more likely late in 2006 or early in 2007.

DDR2 will be the Intel memory standard the next few years. Don’t expect to see XDR the next few years; don’t expect FB-DIMMs for desktops, either.

Intel does not plan to support legacy PCI devices for very long, maybe only for another 12-18 months. If you have or want to get an expensive PCI device, you may want to consider this in your planning.

Intel does not plan to introduce a “real” desktop chipset for the Pentium M (i.e., dual-channel, high FSB, etc.).



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