A Cheaper Socket 939 CPU

Looking a cheaper socket 939 Athlon 64 than you can find on Pricewatch?

Well, something told me to look a little harder, and I found them at Newegg.

For some reason this isn’t showing up on Pricewatch, but you can get a socket 939 3000+ from them for $169 and the 3200+ for for $228. This is rather less than what the other guys are selling it for.

True, the webpage doesn’t exactly say that they’re 90nm chips, but:

1) there are no such things as 130nm socket 939 3000+ and 3200+s,

2) the indicated voltage is 1.4V, and 130nm 64s use 1.5V2), and

3) the codes on the webpage and the attached picture are the same as those on other 90nm chips.

So I think it’s a pretty safe bet these are 90nm 3000+ and 3200+ chips.

Happy hunting.


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