A Different Approach

Bon Jovi is taking a different approach to encourage purchase rather than theft of their music.

You can read about it here, but this pretty much says it all:

“Users buying a legitimate copy . . . will find a 13-digit number inside the packaging. This serial number can be used on the group’s website to entitle the user to special privileges, including tickets for concerts before they go on general release, unseen footage of the band and downloads of live versions of songs.”

What you do think of this approach (if you don’t happen to like this particular band, please don’t give me a Bon Jovi review; just imagine that a band you do like did this)?

Would this change your current behavior? Would you this make you much more likely, more likely or hardly more likely to go from not buying an album to buying an album from an artist who did this?

Do you think this is a fair approach by bands?

Please send me a note.


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