A Disaster!

Someone who works near the WTC talks about real disaster recovery.–Anonymous

(This writer has asked to remain anonymous, and I’ve removed identifying details.)

I’m an employee [for a company that lost a lot due to] the blast and the aftermath. When you have this kind of damage, off-site backups are nice, but you’ve gotta have something to restore TO…..

Gee, ______ (a common corporate backup location) seems to be a little busy. Stories of delays in retrieving stuff from them abound. Doesn’t really matter when you don’t have anything to plug the tapes into anyway.

We’re finally getting access to some of our backup stuff. We actually had access to a very limited amount of
tape, but our main data center isn’t exactly walking distance away, and jets have been grounded most of the time.

The rooms with our equipment are now filled with several feet of dust, ash and rubble. The building is up, but we’re not counting on it staying that way or any equipment in there.

While we don’t have a lot of casualties, there apparently are some missing, and we’re now using offsite personnel
data to call up every employee in New York and determine who’s safe and who’s missing.

We had some disaster recovery plans for some data, and those are working well, all things considered, but again, you have to have something to recover to.

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, we have to try to stay on top of anybody finding our hard drives or tapes in the rubble. Anybody getting their hands on one could find some pretty interesting things on them.

Recovery? Maybe a little data access in thirty days, back to normal in six to nine months if everything goes well.

This isn’t expected.

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