A Fanless Duron

My friend has a PC (Duron 700@999MHz 100% stable) with Arctic silver and CoolerMaster heatsink/Fan combo. One day, the fan just stopped working for a while at some point

We were playing some games and we have noticed that it has started to lock up. Well, I thought that maybe summer is coming and it’s warmer, so I suggested lowering the speed and see if that helped.

When it locked up the second time at 900MHz, I noticed the machine had been awfully quiet lately, and suggested taking a look inside.

YOW! The heatsink was unbearably hot! Nearing burned my finger just trying to touch it!!! 🙁

I don’t know enough physics to show you numbers, but my finger can tell you that even with two additional 80mm fans in the case, convection cooling isn’t good enough for a CPU putting out even just 50 watts like the Duron.

I think my finger is good enough to draw the necessary conclusions. :)))

Ed. note: There’s some folks you have managed to get away running lower-speed Intel chips without a fan, and we’ll put up their comments once we get them, but again, these AMD chips are another ballgame.

If you’re depending on a fan with a Duron or especially a TBird, you really ought to set your monitoring program to automatically shut down should your CPU fan fail. You may have only a few seconds before your CPU fries.

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