A Few Dates . . .

October 26: This will be the date Vista coupons ought to start becoming available for free or reduced priced upgrades.

We’re not suggesting this is the best way to go, but if a Sixpack of yours absolutely, positively has to have a computer by December 25, this is the least bad option if you know the person’s going to end up with it eventually.

January 2007: Expected time for Intel’s E4300 CPU. If you want a cheapish C2D system anytime soon, this is the CPU you’re going to want

March 2007: DX10-capable video cards that are reasonably priced should start showing up.

We recommend that you might want to wait until around then to buy a DX10 card/DX10 system, even if you plan on buying one of the fire-breathing cards for the following reasons:

  • While nVidia will have G80 cards out next month, they will be hyperexpensive top-end models. ATI won’t have their DX10 cards out until February, so you really won’t know who has the better card until then, plus, competition always helps . . . you.
  • Waiting a little longer until the mainstream cards come out will give you a chance to judge how hot this suckers really are, and figure out your own heat/power/performance/price tradeoffs with the full slate of options.


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