A Lot More Negative Waves . . .

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A couple days ago, I put up an article talking about Newegg’s positive comments only policy in its “reviews.”

From some comments we’ve gotten from folks, maybe they’re not alone.

Maybe it would a good idea to identify those places who feel the same way about less-than-laudatory comments, and then do something about it.

There’s also some indications that some purportedly independent websites “associated” with some resellers are less than tolerant about such comments.

So if you’ve run across a place where negative comments as a general rule get tossed and/or the makers of reasonably rational critical comments get tossed, or if you find you get threatened (as opposed to approached to try to remedy matters) should you put a negative comment about a place in an independent rating service, send me a note about it.

I grant you that there’s some customers out there who are simply lunatics, so if you have a vendetta against a place, please don’t assume we’re going to accept whatever you say unchallenged and without some checking.

Even the best places make occasional mistakes, so please don’t equate your particular experience with the Holocaust. This says more about you than the place.

Essentially, we’re looking for places who think a zero-error tolerance policy is simply liquidating every messenger with an error to report, or at least the messages, where freedom of speech just means freedom to praise.

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