A Or J?

We spoke a bit yesterday about “A” and “J” TbredBs and how the “J” TBreds don’t do as well as the “A” TBreds.

Since then, a couple more 1700+ low Breds have been received and tested by folks out in Forumland, and they didn’t do too well, either.

However . . . .

We do have a report on a TBredB 2100+. It’s not a “J.” It’s an “A” chip, an AIUGB chip in fact, and this one did a whole lot better than the “J”s are doing, on par with the more expensive XPs.

This is not to say you’ll get 2.5GHz out of one, too, but these “A” 2100+s look to be true kin of the 2400s and better, while the “J” chips do not.

You’ve Got To Ask Yourself One Question: Do I Feel Lucky?

The CPU described above did not come from a particular retailer.

However, one place might be selling it. Newegg is now offering 2100+s that are TBreds (it’s the $97 and only the $97 item on that page, the one that says Model#: AXDA2100DUT3C ).

And yes, unlike a day or so ago, you can actually order one from them.

On the one hand, Newegg calls it an “AXDA2100DLT3C” in one spot (which it can’t be, no 2100+ can have that designation) and “AXDA2100DUT3C” in the other (which is can be, but that could be a TBred A or B.

On the other hand, the picture of the product is definitely an “A” TBredB like the one described above.

If Newegg is shipping what’s in the picture, this is the TBredB you want, not a “J” chip.

On the other hand, it could be something else.

For those of you who have to be sure, we’ll know one way or the other towards the end of next week as early buyers report on what they get. It’s not like this is a one-time sale; we know they’re out there.

Or do you feel lucky?

Why Don’t You Buy One And Find Out For Us?

I just did. I felt lucky. 🙂

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