A P2P IQ Test

Got this email the other day:

I’ve talked to you a few times . . . . I last wrote you
asking you how in the hell the RIAA has managed track someone downloading
files from Kazaa.

I think I found the most obvious and stupid answer:

ED, download Kazaa, Kazzalite, morpheus, etc (FOR JOURNALISTIC CURIOSTIY
ONLY.) Under “Search” type “RESUME.”

I did this yesterday, expecting to find programs that tell you how to write
an effective resume (I haven’t written one in 5 years.)

Guess what I found

The names, numbers, personal history, addresses of about 100 or more people.
The idiots put their professional resumes in the “My Shared Folder” so
that any user can access them. Any one of the 4,000,000+ users can get
possibilities for identity fraud are so vast it boggles the mind!!

Just letting you know, sometimes you don’t have to dig too deep to find
interesting stuff.

A True IQ Test

You don’t have to believe the RIAA is looking around for your resume or any other identifying
material to believe that plenty of others would.

A resume is a nice little package, but there’s plenty of other items in a computer that other might want
to steal from share with you. And why not? You’ve offered them to the world on a silver platter with a bow attached.

Personally, I think this is a truly great and just idea. Share and share alike.

If you think you can “share” other people’s valuable stuff, why can’t others share yours? It’s only fair. Anyone who shares it with you obviously needs it. Don’t be so selfish and greedy!

And if you have no money or credit card, that’s OK, your parents’ stuff will do just as well. They ought to want to share, too.

Do you know what is in your shared folder? Do you? Do you really? When did you last check?

Maybe you decided to share files from other folders, including folders that identify you or your parents. Maybe you were too lazy to figure out what was where, and put the whole hard drive in there.

Maybe other people in your family are lazy, too, or couldn’t figure out how to make a new folder, so they used your shared folder instead. Do you know? Do you really?

Or maybe you use your shared folder for anything and everything, too. If that’s the case, I bet something in there will identify you.

Do you know? Do you really know?

Do you enjoy being called stupid? A moron? An idiot? The “R” word? By your parents and other loved ones to your face and behind your back by those who ripped you off, perhaps even by those who busted you?

Do you love being punished as a result? Can you just not wait to have to explain to your friends why you can’t use the computer anymore (and have them call you all those names behind your back, too).

Then don’t check. Make sure your stupidity get recognized and “rewarded.”

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