A Price Clunk. . .

Intel will cut prices November 10. You can see a chart of those price cuts here.

This isn’t going to mean too much on the Intel side because C1 steppings haven’t filtered down to the cheaper Northwoods, and this price reduction doesn’t affect those processors.

The impact of this price cut is going to be felt on the AMD side.

Unless AMD attempts to get more for a 2400+ than Intel does for a 2.4GHz, (which I don’t think is sustainable), expect a price cut down to at least the $160 level in the next two weeks from AMD.

Waiting two weeks will probably save you %30-40 on a 2400+.

Under normal circumstances, this would be a given. These may or may not be normal circumstances.

If AMD is really production-constrained, they may try to take advantage of the processor shortage and keep prices high in the short term.

So if you don’t see a price cut, that’s what is probably happening, and that’s a bad sign for AMD.

I doubt that’s the case for the 2400+, though, so I think you’ll wake up one morning soon and see a sudden drop in the Pricewatch prices.


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