A Very Thin Condom

This Is Safe???

There’s a lot of blathering about how you’ll be perfectly safe with what for lack of a better name I’ll called RIAA blockers.

Safe? ROTFLMAO!!!!

A far more accurate description might be, “Here is a condom that is guaranteed to break if the user makes the slightest twist or turn while using it.

Here is part of one of these:

order allow,deny
deny from 12.150.191
deny from 63.199.57
deny from 64.166.187
deny from 64.241.31
deny from 65.244.101
. . . .

Does It Work?

I was curious to see if these things actually worked, and wanted a screen shot of what this would do. Believe or not, I really don’t have an RIAA.org IP address, but it was simple enough to find my own IP address, change the script to block that particular address out, then follow the instructions and thus try to block myself out of this website. I read the instructions very carefully, and put the “Keep Ed Out of His Own Website” script into the website’s root directory.

Let me tell you, I knew we had loyal website fans, but I never would have guessed the WEBSITE was loyal, too. It just wouldn’t keep me out, even after I told it to do so. 🙂

Well, if it couldn’t keep me out . . . .

It Works Until Your Partner Changes Position…

like this one.

I did a little blocked IP address spot checking, and at least some of these addresses come from those assigned to regular ISPs.

It is always foolish to underestimate your enemy.

If They Aren’t Stupid, Then What Are They?…

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