Abit Boards and Memtest86 . . .

The Problem

Some KG7 and KR7A owners are reporting that their boards running at default speeds will report numerous errors running tests 5 and 8 of Memtest86.

Here’s some forum links on the subject:
Via Hardware 1
Via Hardware 2

Some people have run into no other problems running their computers, some have.

Some folks have found fixes that work occasionally (increasing voltage) or pretty often (set the FSB speed to at least 136MHz). Nothing fixes the problem all the time.

I’m trying to see if we can isolate the problem. This may or may not work, and I’ll probably need to ask several sets of questions.

The Initial Questions

1) Is anybody running into the exact same problem who does not have a KG7 or KR7A board?

2) Is anybody running into the exact same problem and NOT using Crucial DDR RAM?

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