ABIT KT7 and Digital Video Editing

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There is a major flaw with the ABIT KT7 and KT7 raid boards for anyone considering Digital Video Editing.

After 3 weeks of my own tweaking and testing and hours of long distance calling to tech support for Abit and Digital Origin, I finally got Abit to test a 1394 firewire card in their new, otherwise good, motherboard.

Three days later, after a month of trouble (waiting for the non-raid version I ordered after I gave up with the raid + 1394 combo), I got an email that was two lines long, saying they had tried a WD 1394 card, had alerted Taiwan of the problem and that I would be notified when it was fixed.

I tried everything – removed all other PCI cards, tried the 1394 in each different PCI slot, and made sure each time that it had its own IRQ. I’m willing to bet that Abit tried the same thing. The card I used was a Digital Origin card. They said they used a “WD 1394 card” for their test.

The cards will detect and capture just great, but the data throughput rate from the hard drive through the card to the dv cam is 0.1 mb/s. I had this problem about 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard back from them since.

Since then, I switched to the ASUS A7V which works great.

Thomas Hall

NOTE: If anyone has a different experience, please send it in.


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