ABIT SlotKET !!!

SUMMARY: Finally – a slotket that can be easily adapted for a variety of purposes, such as watercooling or peltier mounting. The ABIT SlotKET !!! also has settings that allow maximum flexibility on almost any slot 1 motherboard.


NATA Computers was kind enough to send us ABIT’s SlotKET !!! to test out. We found that is almost perfect, but not for reasons you might expect. It is, of course, capable of all that you can throw at it as far as using it with a PPGA Celeron or Coppermine; I had no usage issues at all. The real beauty of this slotket is it’s adaptability for mounting “non-standard” heatsinks and water jackets.


As the picture above shows, there are two holes in the card on each side. These holes will accommodate bolts that can be used to hold large heatsinks, insulated peltiers or water jackets very easily. In addition the top of the card has enough room so that you can epoxy bolts without interfering with any critical components.

Alternatively you can design a strap that runs the length of the top card to hold two upper bolts. Either way, using the upper bolts and the two lower holes gives you the flexibility to mount just about anything on the socket. This is especially useful for peltiers on Coppermines as insulation is critical – with the mounting holes, you can fasten it tightly enough to void any air leaks.

Another nice thing about the SlotKET !!! is the real estate around the socket’s lugs (shown below). If you find yourself in a situation where you need to repair a broken lug or want to epoxy two bolts in place of the lugs, there’s plenty of room for it.


ABIT populated the SlotKET !!! with low profile components so that mounting heatsinks or peltiers that run the length of the card is not impossible. This is great if you’re thinking of multiple peltiers in parallel. A two peltier rig with a cold plate will fit easily onto this card.

Edge On

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the available settings – voltages ranging from 1.3 to 3.5 volts, FSBs of 66, 100 and 133 MHz, and CPUs including Intel’s PPGAs and Coppermines and Cyrix. All in all, a nice list of features and hacking flexibility make this card the overclocker’s choice.

PS: ABIT – Please add two more holes at the top of the card – then it’s perfect.

Thanks again to NATA Computers for sending us Abit’s latest.

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