Adjustable Fan With LEDs

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Light up your fans — Joe

SUMMARY: Adjustable fan with blue LEDs.

Clear Fan

80mm; Max 53 cfm @ 4000 rpm; Noise Range: 12 – 42 dBA; 6.5 watts.

The kind folks at ICEe Computers were nice enough to send over a sample of their Clear fan with speed control. This fan has a couple of interesting features:

Adjustable Speed Control

There is a small potentiometer which allows you to vary fan speeds:


The control rotates in an arc of about 270 degrees. I turned the adjustment screw, measured fan speeds with a digital tach and found the following:

  • LOW: 1350 rpm
  • MID:   3400 rpm
  • HIGH: 4150 rpm

The pot is labelled at 20k, so if you wanted to run the wire to something like the front of the case for easy access, it looks doable. In addition to the speed control, it also

Blue LEDs


lights up! There are two blue LEDs that would look very cool in a windowed case. These are not dim – they are quite bright and do not vary with fan speed. I think using something like this as a front case fan would throw some light into a case.

Thanks again to ICEe Computers for sending this our way.

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