Adjustment and Extinction?

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, AMD can always be counted upon to do the right thing, after all other possibilities have been exhausted. 🙂

The Inquirer reports that AMD will adjust at least some Opteron prices a little higher and drop some A64 prices a little so that Opterons will no longer offer more cache and cost less cash than equivalent A64s.

The price changes reported are almost all for dual cores, and are supposed to take effect Monday, the 23rd.

What is not mentioned in the article are any price changes for low-end single core chips, where the change is most needed. Per the Inquirer article, these are due to come in mid-February.

Mid-February would be a very convenient time for AMD not to adjust Opteron 144/146 prices, but simply to drop them “officially” altogether. They might drop the price of the 148 to $189 or so (discounting those to big OEMs as needed) and make a few more of them, as a sop to those looking for a “bargain” and collect the money which has been going to distributors themselves.


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