AIDA32 – Tell-All System Utility

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If you’ve ever looked for details of your system, AIDA32 is a wonderful system utility that fetches all you ever wanted to know out of the depths of your PC. UPDATED: A more recent version is available.

Everest Free Edition 2.20 is available – even though this in unsupported, for casual use it’s a great utility. There is a pay version available for the pros.


Even though this app is not being updated, I found it one of the most comprehensive utilities to retrieve arcane and not so arcane data buried within a PC. It is extremely easy to use and can also generate reports and do some benchmarks as well.

However, although I have not had any problems with this, apparently some have encountered problems using it on some newer PCs.


I downloaded AIDA32 from CNET and after the install you get this opening screen:


One think I found VERY handy is that for many of the PC’s components – if you mouse over highlighted entries it will lead you to download locations for drivers:



The Plugin dropdown leads to some benchmark suites:



A very handy item is its ability to retrieve license keys from installed software:



One example of the depth of information – this laptop’s RAM modules:



Overall this utility is a gem – I’ve only scratched the surface of its extensive read-out capabilities. It’s only a 3.2 MB download and a quick install. Since all it does is gather data only when you run it, it’s relatively benign to your PC. What you find out about your system may surprise you!


CNET Download HERE

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