Alien vs. Predator DX11 Benchmark Released

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While Unigine Heaven was the first to provide gamers, benchmarkers and overlcockers with a DirectX 11 benchmark last year, others have taken little time to follow. Last week we reported that FutureMark is readying 3DMark11, the latest iteration of their popular 3DMark series. This week, it’s time for SEGA and Rebellion to release a new DX11-compatible piece of software to put your computer to the test.

The new benchmark is based on the video game Alien vs. Predator released a month ago by the software developer. It includes many of the features of the latest DirectX 11 API such as Hardware Tessellation and Advanced Shadows. According to Nordic Hardware, the new benchmark also supports ATI Eyefinity to allow people to test their systems in multiple monitors configurations.

The benchmark is a standalone program so users do not need to have the full game installed to use it. It is totally free to use and is available for download now from multiple locations online.

Download the benchmark: Guru3D

Source: Nordic Hardware



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