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UPDATE 5/4/99:

Fans are coming in tomorrow and more ALPHAs by Friday so things are looking OK. I found two sites that have details about mounting the ALPHA P125s so please link to them for illustrated instructions:

John Bogush’s Celeron Site

SysOp Solutions

And HERE for a detailed picture of the ALPHA P125 package.

UPDATE 5/1/99:

When you get the ALPHA P125CM60, it will come with the following parts: One Celeron rear mount with screws, 8 long screws to mount the fans, small sheet metal screws to mount the cover on the heatsink and 4 chrome plated screws to mount the P125 on a PII. This is done by screwing the heatsink into the screw holes which the Intel fan used.

The Socket 7 comes with 4 screws for the fan and a mounting clip. Also note that there are small aluminum tubes used as spacers in some of the screw packets – you will quickly understand why these are needed as some of the screws are too long and need spacers.

UPDATE 4/29/99:

Just received first shipment of 15 P125M60s and 20 PFH6035MFCs; ALPHA is shipping what they have and we should have 30 more Socket 7s hopefully by early next week (we depleted their inventory – more stock due early next week). Fans should be here by Monday.

I will try to get these for anyone who wants one, but after this first shipment is completed I have to order ALPHAS in multiples of at least 12 to keep prices reasonable, so orders will be placed in a queue. I will not deposit funds until the queue is filled to ship. I have purchased 100 fans and after these the fan price will go up about $2 each because unless I can see enough demand for an additional 100 fans, I will not buy another 100.

When you receive the P125CM60, instructions will be in Japanese; It is all obvious but I will include some notes to go with it. The Socket 7 needs no instructions. You will be required to assemble these units which means you need a Philips head screwdriver – this is not complicated stuff! All screws required come with the unit.

As a further clarification, the P125CM60 fits both Celeron and PII’s and the PFH6035MFC fits Socket 5, 7 and 370; the Socket 370 is what all Intel PPGA’s use, such as on the ABIT BM6.

After a fair degree of running around, here is where I stand: I have ordered 50 ALPHA PFH6035MFC Socket 7s and 15 P125CM60 PII/Celeron heatsinks and SUNON 60mm, 22cfm, 34 dBA, double ball-bearing 3 wire fans to go with them. I will continue to order ALPHAs in bulk but must do so in lots of at least 12 to keep prices down. Pricing with USPS Priority Mail shipping included as follows:

Socket 7 – no fan: $21.50 (ALPHA direct price with shipping: $25.40)
Socket 7 with fan: $30.00 (ALPHA direct price with shipping: $37.20)
Celeron no fans: $38 (ALPHA direct price with shipping: $43.70)
Celeron 2 fans: $55 (ALPHA direct price with shipping: $65.60)

These prices with shipping are good for up to 2 units – any more will incur extra shipping charges.

**Please use Money Orders if at all possible – checks will delay shipping until they clear. Make out to Joe Citarella – note that the prices in BOLD are the prices I am charging – the prices in parentheses are what ALPHA charges. Sorry for any confusion!**

INTERNATIONAL SALES: ALPHA will not ship international orders – I will. Orders will be shipped by USPS Global Priority Mail; please add the following surcharges to the base price shown in bold above:

One Socket 7:

W. Europe, Canada and Middle East – add $7.30; Pacific Rim & S. America – add $9.30.

Two Socket 7:

W. Europe, Canada and Middle East – add $9.30; Pacific Rim & S. America – add $13.65.

One P125:

W. Europe, Canada and Middle East – add $9.30; Pacific Rim & S. America – add $13.65.

Two P125:

W. Europe, Canada and Middle East – add $12.80; Pacific Rim & S. America – add $17.80.

Please email me so I can give you order status. Send money order to:

Joe Citarella
Old Greenwich, CT


Please make sure your shipping address is included with your funds along with your email address – I have all your emails saved but it would be easier if you include it again so I can notify you of when yours is shipped.

Shipping is based on when I receive your money order or when your check clears – do not send cash! Any profits on this go to support the website.

This should be obvious but I will state it clearly: If for whatever reason I can not fill your order, your funds will be returned!!

Check out the Celeron ALPHA competitive comparison HERE – Awesome performance!

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