Alphacool Offers Free Mount Kit to Current XPX Pro and Eisbaer Pro AIO Owners

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Alphacool LGA4189
Alphacool LGA4189

Alphacool announced today that owners of the XPX Pro cooler and Eisbaer Pro AIO can receive a free mounting kit for Intel’s upcoming Socket P+ (LGA 4189) and LGA1700 sockets. While some coolers may already be compatible with LGA1700, the free mounting kit is required for LGA4189. Naturally, proof of receipt will be required. Alphacool’s press release shows the current compatibility for LGA1700.


Alphacool Coolers and AIOs become Socket 1700 and Socket P+ (LGA 4189) compatible

Alphacool LGA4189 Mounting
Alphacool LGA4189 Mounting

Alphacool XPX Pro and Eisbaer Pro receive Intel P+ (LGA 4189) bracket
Server and workstation users will soon be able to mount all Eisblock XPX Pro models and the Eisbaer Pro AIO on the LGA 4189 socket. The corresponding bracket will soon be available as an option.

Owners of an XPX Pro cooler or the Eisbaer PRO AIO can contact Alphacool with their invoice to receive a free bracket: [email protected]

Alphacool LGA4189 Mounting
Alphacool LGA4189 Mounting

Alphacool LGA4189 Mounting
Alphacool LGA4189 Mounting

All Eisblock XPX coolers and Eisbaer AIOs are already compatible with Intel Socket LGA 1700
If you own an Alphacool Eisblock XPX cooler and looking to upgrade to the new Intel Socket 1700, you don’t have to worry about additional mounts. All Eisblock XPX coolers are already compatible with the new socket LGA 1700 with the included mounting material. A corresponding new manual for all coolers of the Alphacool Eisblock XPX series will be available online when the socket is released.
All Eisbaer CPU AIO water coolers are also compatible with Socket 1700 with the enclosed mounting kit.

Compatibility Chart
Compatibility Chart

Already compatible CPU DIY water cooler models for Intel Socket LGA 1700 with new instructions!

Model name

Article number

Eisblock XPX


Eisblock XPX polished clear


Eisblock XPX satain clear


Eisblock XPX Aurora Edge Chrome / Black

12949 / 12948

Eisblock XPX Aurora Chrome / Black

12947 / 12946

Eisblock XPX Pro Aurora

12951 / 12950

Eisblock XPX 1U


Eisblock XPX Pro 1U


Eisblock XPX Pro Aurora Light


Already compatible AIO water coolers for Intel Socket LGA 1700

Model name

Article number

Eisbaer Solo Chrome / Black

12938 / 12511

Eisbaer Solo LT


Eisbaer 240 / 280 / 360 / 420 / 200

11285 / 11287 / 11286 / 11390 / 11762

Eisbaer Aurora 240 / 280 / 360 / 420

11728 / 11729 / 11730 / 11731

Eisbaer LT 240 / 360

11285 / 11286

Eisaber Extreme 280


Eisbaer Pro Aurora 240 / 360

11772 / 11771

-John Nester (Blaylock)


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