AMD Announces "FX" Brand for High-End CPUs

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Well, it’s official. The news story we published a while ago about the FX series appears to be coming to fruition. FX is back!

Here is the official announcement from AMD, via Marketwire. To save you a bit of time, here are a couple of items worth noting.

AMD Continues to Power the Ultimate PC Gaming and Hi-Def Experience With FX Brand and New “Gaming Evolved” Collaborations

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – Jun 7, 2011) – AMD (NYSE: AMD) today reintroduced the FX brand for PC processors and platforms at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). FX-branded products will be geared toward enthusiast PCs and HD entertainment aficionados. AMD also announced new members for its “Gaming Evolved” program, driving the PC gaming experience forward with native HD3D support in Eidos Montreal’s “Deus Ex: Human Revolution,” and new collaborations with Bioware, Creative Assembly and Codemasters.

FX Brand Enables Top-Flight Experience for Gamers and HD Media Enthusiasts
The FX brand is associated with AMD’s fastest processors and most powerful platforms — those designed for unrestrained PC performance for the ultimate gaming and HD entertainment experiences. In addition, these processors and platforms drive rich visuals for graphics-intensive applications and high-resolution AMD Eyefinity multi-monitor configurations. The first platform to earn the FX title, the “Scorpius” platform, will feature the now-available AMD 9-series chipset motherboards and AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series graphics cards, plus the upcoming “Zambezi” unlocked, native eight-core processor.(1)

“AMD’s FX brand will enable an over-the-top experience for PC enthusiasts,” said Leslie Sobon, vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, AMD. “By combining an unlocked, native eight-core processor, the latest in chipset technology, and AMD’s latest graphics cards, FX customers will enjoy an unrivalled feature set and amazing control over their PC’s performance.”

There is also some more detail about their Gaming Evolved program in the rest of the article for those interested in that. AMD will also have live webcasts from the AMD Fusion Developer’s Summit; you can check out those details in AMD’s press release.

So FX is back! I’m sure I speak for all of us in saying we’re looking forward to seeing if it can reclaim the glory of the FX of yesteryear.

– Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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  1. Well, at least they're saying something at this point. :)
    In other news, I just ran across this link (you'll need translation to read it directly, but below is Chrome's translation, images and all).
    The FX AMD "Bulldozer" being developed for high-end CPU is the code name to be attached to the brand's lineup. Published May 31 5 "AMD 9 Series" to support the chipset supports AM3 +, AMD FX-branded motherboards for AMD CPU and chipset series 9 "Scorpius" to configure the platform.
     In addition, AMD FX brand, four cores, 6 cores, will emerge as a core line-up 8. The timing, COMPUTEX TAIPEI in 2011, AMD 60 after the appearance of a 9-series chipset and 90 days after the "end of the summer of 2011" has been warned.
     Bulldozer for introducing AMD FX, AMD has also so far released information. Scheduler Core and the integer part, by a conventional cache memory with the following core collection 1 Phenom II X6 both improve performance and scalability from the fetch unit, instruction decoders, floating point scheduler, secondary cache memory, and floating Japanese mathematics unit area is promoting the integration point and power savings can be shared across the cores.
     In addition, Bulldozer, the floating point unit volume OR'ing (FMAC) as per the instruction unit can process 128 bits (bits 128 FMAC) to implement the two groups, together with 256 bits in this one instruction AVX also functions as a unit capable of handling.
     In addition, AMD FX does, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) support instruction. In this, the decoding process significantly improves the data was encrypted, AMD Phenom II X6 1100T is its effect has been reached twice.
     AMD FX in the conventional product packaging "FX" has been changed from a red tones and designs. In addition, eight-core model is adopted, a metal box.

    Images from the article: