AMD Mobo Airconditioning

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Until now, owners of AMD mobos have not been able to use programs like WPCREDIT to tweak their motherboards. While this hasn’t been too big a deal for
most tweaks since they were already included in the BIOS settings of most AMD mobos, not being able to tell the CPU to chill when it wasn’t doing anything
has been.

We should all thank Lee Johnson at for writing this article and writing a PCR filefor the AMD 761 chipset (to save, right click, and choose Save As). If you have an AMD761 mobo, you use this file. Don’t use any Via PCR files.

The following is just an easier way to do what he wrote for the cooling tweak and then save it with WPCRSET.

The Easy Way

If you have an AMD-based mobo, the cooling tweak is in place if you have the following settings in your BIOS as shown by WPCREDIT (in 8-bit mode):

Register 62 should read B7.
Register 5A should read 20.
Register 72 should read 04.

In the case of the K7Master with bios version 1.1, I had to change Register 62. Here is what my WPCRSET Register Edit looks like for that change.


This is what the Control Program looks like after I added it.


Here is the temperature from Motherboard Monitor immediately before the change (look at the reading for Sensor 2):


Here it is a minute after I made the change and saved it in WPCREDIT:


Quite a difference, isn’t there? Works fine for me in both Win98 and W2K (you need to set up for each OS if you dual-boot).

If you want to try this out in WPCREDIT first, I think you need to change Register 62 last.

I had no problem changing Register 62 back and forth in 8-bit mode, but you might find a problem with the other two, in which case, refer to the article.

The article says you need to have ACPI enabled, but I have it removed from my machine, and it seems to work fine.

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