AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Overclockers Member Testing

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Forum users “icebob” and “1kingd2” are already putting these new Thuban processors to the Overclockers test in the forums.

Both received their processors in the mail yesterday, and icebob didn’t waste any time getting it ready for the cold. Pictured here is “art eraser” around the CPU socket to keep out condensation while going subzero, common practice for subzero insulation these days:

Icebob's Ready for Subzero Phenom II X6 Overclocking

Icebob's Ready for Subzero Phenom II X6 Overclocking

And here’s icebob’s setup for testing, including the single stage phase change cooling, used to test out overclocks and become familiar with the platform at “moderately cold” temperatures. I say “moderately cold” because while he’s going subzero, the evaporator will “only” get to around -45 degrees Celcius. It allows extreme benchmarkers like Bob to get familiar with the platform and how it behaves, prior to getting serious and mounting a CPU Pot on the processor for Dry ICE or Liquid Nitrogen. He has that planned for the weekend, so long as this preliminary testing goes smoothly and he doesn’t find any roadblocks.

Icebob's testing setup, with phase change cooling

Icebob's testing setup, with phase change cooling

Both Overclockers are making good progress, and at the same time they’ve found some issues other enthusiasts will want to be aware of when working with these processors. To take a look at the issues they’ve found and track their progress, head over to the forums and check out their threads where they are actively reporting their results and experience!

Icebob’s 1090T Torture Bench

1kingd2’s 1090T First Run


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