AMD Launches Pitcairn HD 7870 and HD 7850 GPUs

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AMD HD 7870 GHz Edition
AMD HD 7870 GHz Edition

Regrettably, due to some logistical issues, we do not have a Pitcairn card or our usual detailed review to show you today. Rest assured we do have one coming from HIS but they’re a bit behind because of the non-reference cooler. The card reviewed today is a reference design, but partner cards will likely at least have a non-reference cooler. These cards aren’t available yet, but they’re expected to go on sale March 19th.

Anyway, AMD launched their 7800 series today and it seems to be performing quite well, especially the HD 7870 GHz Edition. Performance seems to be coming in right between the GTX 570 and GTX 580, sometimes even catching the GTX 580, especially at higher resolutions. Overclocked it can even beat a stock HD 7950.

Don’t take my word for it though, see for your self. Take your pick from the list of reviews.

I’m sure there are more reviews out there; feel free to share more links in the comments. What do you think of the new HD 7800 series cards?

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  1. These video cards are very disappointing. The 7850 is marginally faster than the 560 ti and the 7870 is out of my price range. These cards would only be good for people who haven't upgraded in awhile.
    I wouldnt say very dissapointing, they have low power consumption and great temps. compared to a 6950 or 6970 they are a pointless upgrade if looking at performance only.
    But then agin looking at 7870 overclocked it scales very well !
    Looking at the stock 7950/7970 in comparison to the 7870 oc it just confirms that the 7970 is very underwhelming considering its shader count and price.
    What will be interesting is how Nvidia plays the game from here.
    what i was hoping that maybe some 2gb 6950 will go down in price but they are more now then what i paid for mine! so i guess wait long till prices have to drop or it worth selling this card and going with a higher end card
    well i will wait for sure (atleast till the 8xxx come out)
    Edit this card was not what im hoped for... well Nvidia may kick *** this year
    I read a couple of reviews on these and all are pretty much in agreement on the reference cards, so-so on the 7850, a little eyebrow raising on the 7870. Maybe the downstream partners can make them more attractive at similar price points. Noting that AMD may take advantage of the market until Nvidia intros the 6xx series is normal for the play. With fab/yield problems the pricing on Nvidia may be a bit pricey at intro as well, so their performance needs to be stellar. Certainly AMD and friends must be prepared for the first round of price cuts already.