An AMD Bookmark . . . .

If you are interested in using Windows for AMD64 in a current or future Hammer system, don’t ask, don’t think, just bookmark this and expect to use it.

What did you just do?

You’ve bookmarked a new website dedicated to AMD64, and particularly the drivers available for AMD64.

There’s hardly any point in running any beta, or buying the equipment to run the beta, if there are no drivers available for your critical equipment.

This is not a place to see if you’re ready for Windows for AMD64. This is a place to see if Windows for AMD64 is ready for you.

Some who have been around a while might recall a website called NT Compatible which did much the same thing for Windows 2000 when it was in beta.

I found it personally quite useful at the time, and I suspect this new site will be just as useful for a lot of folks now and for a while to come.


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