An Overvolting Development

I took a look at the database, and noticed that a few of the voltages were . . . very high.

The absolute maximum rated voltage of the Coppermines/ Celerons, per Intel’s datasheets is 2.13V. By 2.13V, we are not talking about sustained voltage. We are talking the maximum it can stand even during brief power surges.

There is a slight buffer that can protect the chip against a limited number of power surges above that. One power surge too many, and you now have a nice keychain.

No, it doesn’t matter how much you cool it.

If you don’t care about burning out CPUs or motherboards or maybe other things in your quest, then this is not meant for you. It’s for the folks who do.

Personally, I wouldn’t go above 1.85-1.9V.

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