Another Bandwidth Bottleneck

A couple Inquirer articles: here and here, bring up an up-to-now little-known video bottleneck. One that may make a few people wait a little bit before going to LCDs.

The DVI connection.

You may not exactly get all wound up about an $8,000 monitor running at 3840X2400 having major problems (as the first article describes), but only being able to get a 60Hz refresh rate at 1600X1200 or 75Hz at 1280X1024 (as mentioned in the second article) from a single DVI connection impacts some people now, and will impact more in the future.

In the short term, we’re likely to see kludges like using multiple DVI connectors, but in the long term, we simply need a video connector to LCD that’s a lot faster than DVI.

And that may take a while.

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