Another Fatal1ty

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Abit is supposed to launch a line of boards called the “Fatal1ty” series after some U.S. self-proclaimed world champion gamer.

To launch the product line, hey organized a “Great Wall Shootout” in which Fatal1ty proceded to get himself killed by some up-to-now unknown Chinese contestant. That’s embarrassing. 🙂

Anyhow, it’s the gaming board, not the gamer which we’re interested in, and this article is meant to keep you from perhaps becoming a fatality (if not fatal1ty).

According to XBit Labs, the Fatal1ty series of mobos will feature never-before-seen overclocking options.

As XBit Labs put it, “users who purchase the Fatal1ty boards can register with ABIT. Upon request, the users will receive a “special” BIOS or unlocking code from ABIT. After the users unlock the code or flash with the special BIOS, they will have unlimited overclocking options for their boards. In another words, higher voltage options and more tweaking and overclocking options will be revealed,” says ABIT’s document.”

Well, I greatly doubt these “unlimited overclocking options” will let me shove 500 or even 5V into a Prescott, but there’s something much more important unanswered here.

If you contact Abit and essentially say, “I’m going to let it rip,” won’t Abit have a record of such intent, and might that not serve as an excellent basis for invalidating the warranty, especially if they have some legal fine print somewhere saying just that?

Yes, if Abit takes the special BIOS route, one might get that from another source, but again, wouldn’t that be proof the evil deed was done?

I’m not saying Abit is going to do this, but before buying one of these boards, I would really, really, really read the legal fine print on this product.



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