Another Geek Gang

(ED. Note: When I wrote the initial article on “Geek Gangs,” a lot of people thought that the only real gangs were those
with a Recommended Daily Allowance of Killings. Not at all. Geek gangs can be good, too. Here’s one of them.)

Hey, I stumbled across the article on Geek Gangs, and I have a similar

It all started a few months ago on AOL Instant Messanger. I had been
talking to a few people individually for awhile, and decided to bring
them together. We sucessfully formed a geek gang, the Scuba Squad,
consisting of me (Scuba Steve), my girlfriend (Scuba Sara), both from
central NY, Brian from So. Cal (Scuba Ampy – his screen name is Amptron,
because he just loves his mobo), Jeremy from Oregon (Scuba Beast because
he’s 6’11/340 lbs…), and Holly, also from central NY.

We guys, especially Ampy and I, have something of a vigilante spirit, and patrol the AOL chats for poor lost souls.
We sometimes bring them in to the Scuba Chat to either A) Help them, B)
Mock them, or C) Tell them bogus info, depending on our mood 🙂 .

Anyway, I think we signify the teen geek revolution, the only one that
isn’t 15 or 16 is Beast. Every time we all get into a chat together, the
conversation always ends up with computers, whether the girls like it or
not (but I think they’re beginning to take to it.)

We all have a dream of
opening up a custom computer company later on in life, and I don’t think
the dream is un-realistic…but for now…we’re the bringers of false
information, the geeks, a true cyber gang. To add to it, we’re so
intimidating, that I myself can’t even do basic bench pressing without
nearly passing out, Brian needs to stay inside most of the time because
of his allergies…and it goes on…

I hope the readers will get a kick out of the story, and maybe see that
the youth of America isn’t the drug-dealing, partying group they think
we are.

(at least this bunch isn’t 🙂

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