Another Intel Delay

For those of you who have been thinking about getting a D-1 stepping PIV, 133MHz version fairly shortly (all 200MHz FSB PIVs are already D-1s), think again.

The link is to an Intel announcement that the 3.06 will not go D-1 until mid-October, a delay of almost four months.

What’s very odd about this announcement is that the lower speed PIV still have a late June implementation date. This is the opposite of what Intel usually does when there’s a delay in a new stepping; normally, it’s the lower speed ones that have to wait.

It is likely that sooner rather than later, a revised announcement will delay the lower speed processors, too.

Intel is having growing problems meeting their time tables on steppings for lower-rated processors. It doesn’t look likely they’re having technical problems. After all, they’re making plenty of the 200MHz versions.


We’ll keep you informed if the other shoe drops.


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