AquaStealth Rear Mount

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NOTE: Shawn installed his AquaStealth placing the radiator at the rear of the case – this avoids dumping warm air into the case interior.

Here is how I installed my AquaStealth. I used a new cheap case and some JB Weld to mount the radiator (kind of cheesy but worked extremely well). I have a 57watt peltier and 3/16″ copper cold plate in that foam sandwich all squished together with copper thermal paste. CPU temp is between 55 & 60 degrees F at 100% load (Celeron 366 @ 645 MHz 2.05v). This is the max stable speed for this setup. I am thinking a 78watt peltier might help me get to 660 MHz on my BE6 rev.2 as heat seems to still be my problem when trying to get higher speeds.

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First cut a hole for the radiator in the rear of the case.


Next mount the radiator in the hole and secure it.


Then mount the 120 mm fan so it blows air into the radiator and out the case – works great as a system exhaust fan.


Then install everything else – this is what the full install looks like.

Total System


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