Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4Pro L

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Very quiet, low performance – Joe

SUMMARY: A good noise/performance tradeoff for those seeking quiet P4 cooling.

Arctic P4

Size: 110 x 97 x 78mm; Weight: 415 gm

The good guys at Arctic Cooling were nice enough to send their Super Silent 4Pro L for a test spin. This is an all-aluminum P4 heatsink which features a 3 position switch to power the fan at High, Medium and Low speeds. I used a digital tachometer and measured speeds of 2931, 2380 and 1946 rpm during testing.

The fan is an 80 x 37 mm unit rated at 25 cfm, 16 dBA @ 2000 rpm, 32 cfm, 19 dBA @ 2500 rpm and 38.5 cfm, 25 dBA @ 3000 rpm. I found it to vary from moderately quiet to almost inaudible – I measured noise at High at 51 dBA¹ with a Radio Shack sound meter 8″ from the fan’s intake – I could not get a reading at lower rpms. It’s also safe to use a motherboard fan header – 3.4 watts.

The aluminum base is not particularly well finished:


When I ran my nail over it, I could feel ridges. With such a low powered fan, improving the base finish would help performance.

One nice thing about this heatsink – there are four LEDs to light it up:



I tested the Super Silent 4Pro L on an Acorp 4S845A motherboard with a modified P4 1500 to read CPU case temps.

TEST RESULTS – Motherboard

CPU Case Temp

Ambient Temp



MBM Temp

Super Silent 4Pro L, 2931 rpm, 51 dBA

37.0 C

24.8 C



35 C¹

Super Silent 4Pro L, 2380 rpm, <50 dBA

39.0 C

26.4 C



36 C¹

Super Silent 4Pro L, 1946 rpm, <50 dBA

42.0 C

25.9 C



39 C¹

Delta = CPU temp – Ambient Temp
C/W = Delta / CPU Watts