Arctic Launches Freezer 32 Series Semi-Passive CPU Coolers

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Today, Arctic released the new semi-passive Freezer 32 series of CPU coolers. Thanks to a special German fan controller, the heatsink is silent during low-intensity/Windows CPU operation and speeds up during gaming and other demanding tasks.

If you are looking for a balance between noise-level and performance, the Freezer i32 or A32 could be good options, especially for the reasonable price of $49.99 at Amazon for the A32 and i32. The difference between the two models is AMD (A32) or Intel (i32) compatibility. Arctic provided some additional highlights of the Freezer 32 Series coolers:

  • Improved cooling performance
  • German fan controller
  • Improved Bearing
  • Optimal compatibility through lower footprint
  • Transport safe due to a back-plate and a lower weight
  • MX-4 thermal compound included

Here are some photos courtesy of Arctic for your viewing pleasure:

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Please see the full press release below from Arctic Cooling for more information:

The Freezer i32/A32 is the first semi passive ARCTIC cooler

The smaller and lighter successor of the Freezer i30/A30 is the perfect gadget for PC enthusiasts looking for an ultra-quiet but efficient solution for the CPU cooling. It is the first ARCTIC cooler which comes with the new fan controller developed in Germany.

ARCTIC cooler are well-known for optimum cooling performance at a low noise level. By semi passive performance the Freezer i32/A32 provides again a special feature. A sophisticated fan controller enables that the CPU is completely passively cooled during typical Windows operation. The F12 PWM fan only start up at a higher temperature (from 40% PWM).


This does not just make the computer quieter most of the time, but increases the service life at the same time.
In active mode, the improved bearing with a new alloy/lubricant combination cares for minimum noise levels at longer service life. Moreover, the lower footprint of the Freezer i32/A32 allows a problem-free installation and avoids interference with the RAM, even if there are two fans used. Due to the screw-mount onto a back-plate and a significantly lower weight compared to the i30, the cooler is, not least, absolutely safe also on the go.

And for everyone who prefer to run their computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ARCTIC has the Freezer i32 CO in the “continuous operation” edition with a specially for continuous operation optimized dual ball bearing.

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