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Arctic Silver, the renowned thermal paste manufacturer, recently introduced a product called ArctiClean and is once again about to expand its product lineup.

ArctiClear is similar to ArctiClean’s 2nd stage “Thermal Surface Purifier” but it is optimized for glass and plastic, making it ideal for cleaning glasses, TVs, monitors and even windows.

ArctiClear has two parts to it – the cleansing solution and a cleaning cloth.


The bottle of ArctiClear and the microfiber cloth which is folded in half

The cleansing solution is a non-petroleum based liquid, which is held in a spray bottle, making application easy. It is a clear liquid with a slight aroma, but it does not taste good.

The cleaning cloth is also special – it is a microfiber, 100% cellulose and Egyptian cotton (from Milo Minderbinder perhaps?) cloth, which is very soft to the touch and is designed not to scratch plastic, damage sensitive coatings or swirl paint. The cloth is white and will show the dirt, but it is easily washable. The cloth is made of loops of material, so use caution when cleaning objects that may catch a loop and pull it out.

I used ArctiClear on a laptop LCD, CRT Monitor, CRT television, a window and a pair of prescription glasses with transition lenses. ArctiClear cleaned them all beautifully, and after the five days I have been using it rather liberally (one application per day for the displays, twice a day for the glasses), I have not noticed any damage at all, and the glasses still darken in the light.

ArctiClear will not improve your computer’s speed; it will not help your benchmarks; it won’t give you an extra three frames per second in Half Life 2; and it won’t drop your load temps by 3ºC. It will, however, remove the collection of dirt and dust from your monitor and make the zombies in Doom3 look better. And if you wear glasses, the world becomes clearer and sharper.

ArctiClear is a very nice product – it does what it claims and does it well. I would recommend this to anyone who uses a computer or wears glasses, and anyone that needs clean glass for business, such as jewelers.

Currently as it stands, the bottle is quite large and wouldn’t be excellent to put in a purse or a European Handbag. A smaller bottle for people on the go would certainly be a welcome package. When my bottle runs dry, I will certainly order a fresh one.

Patrick Walsh, aka 9mmCensor

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