Are You Hurting?

Usually, when we use the phrase, “Are you hurting?” we mean figuratively, as in “My machine is slow.”

Today, though, we mean, “Are you literally hurting because of your computer?” Laptop computer, to be specific. This article says more and more laptop users are hurting.

Well, if you use a laptop a lot, are you? Are you hurting, or at least get uncomfortable, after using it for prolonged periods?

Just to get an idea whether this is a real general problem, or something the ergonomic lobby is largely pushing to justify its own existence, if you use a laptop a lot, tell me whether it hurts or not.

It probably would be a good idea to also include your approximate age (don’t worry, nobody’s going to keep track, just want to see to what degree this might be an age thing).

The email address is below.


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