ASUS Thermal Images

I was looking at your site about overclocking and focused on the diode method of measuring heat for CPU’s. I’m an Infrared imaging technician based in Minneapolis, MN, and was wondering if there would be any interest in some infrared thermograms showing the actual temperature variations on a motherboard.

Here are 2 IR images taken of my Asus SP97-V Socket 7 board running a Pentium P233MMX, 128MB RAM, Vision S-3 video, AHA-2940U2W and AWE32 soundcard. The lighter areas in the thermograms indicate heat, with the lightest areas being the hottest. Both images were taken using a Windows NT4 workstation along with Soundforge 4.5 doing a file conversion of the same file to be consistent.

Asus Thermogram

The 66 MHz image shows the system running at the normal FSB of 66MHZ at recommended core voltages. The 250 MHz image shows the same board and CPU overclocked with the bus at 75MHZ; however I don’t have an image of the chip going any faster due to the instability of the system and did not want to risk burning up the chip.

Asus Thermogram

The heat pattern around the copper chip cap indicates the MMX chip with its “sandwich” design leaves a lot to be desired in terms of real cooling. The copper hat is rather cool with the majority of the heat being dissipated through the laminated carrier.

If you know of anyone in the Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota area with a PII or better who would volunteer their system for some infrared imaging, feel free to contact me by email. I would perform the service for free however I cannot involve the company in this.

Brandon Zachery
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[NOTE: These are really interesting and it would be a great service if someone close to Zachary could drop him a line and do some thermal imaging for the rest of us. Of particular interest would be the heat pattern in a PII or PIII’s CPU and cache chips – Joe]

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