Asus V6800 Cooling

NOTE: I asked Plycon if they could give readers a deal on the Black Orb; they came through. Mention somewhere on the order form and you will receive $5.00 off on the Black Orb – Joe.

Here is the latest mod to my Asus V6800:

I recieved my Orb From Plycon Computers and discovered that it was way too big for my Asus V6800;
there are some capacitors near the GPU and, of course, my heatsinks on the memory chips.

But after a session with a bench grinder and some JB Weld (which, by the way looks a lot like thermal epoxy), I welded the the amputated fan to the sink. Then I found some thermal epoxy at a local electronics shop and slapped that baby to the GPU.

The result is a card that runs cooler than ever – 113 F –
Wow! Here are some pics:




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