Asus V7100Pro Voltage Mod

An advanced mod to increase performance. — Stilian Rakovsky

Disclaimer: Neither the Author or takes any responsibility for any damage if you attempt what is shown here. This article is for information purposes only.

After I read and learned many things from, I decided to write this article and send it to Joe :).
Yesterday I VModded my MX400 card successfully and now I will explain how:

First, I read Xbit labs article about GeForce2 GTS/MX VMod, where I found info about the microchip responsible for the core voltage (US1150). Luckily, the same chip was also on my MX400 card from Asus.

Things that are needed:

  • 100-120Ohm 1/4Watt Resistor
  • Good Cooling
  • Soldering Stuff
  • Fan Header

The VMod now is ready to start.
A microchip manufactured by UNISEM labeled “US1150” is the voltage regulator:


A 110 ohm resistor must be soldered to Pin 1 and Pin 2 on that chip. Here is a “smart” way how to do that:

Here is a diagram of my VMod:


I soldered a Fan Header, so later I can easily turn the resistor on/off .

Before the Vmod:

R1 = 97Ohm
R2 = 59Ohm
Vout = 2.01V

After the Vmod:

R1 = 51.5Ohm (1/R=R1+R2/R1*R2 => R=R1*R2/R1+R2 => R=97*110/97+110 => R = 10670/207=51.5Ohm)
R2 = 59Ohm
Vout = 2.68V
Vout =VREF(1+R2/R1)+IADJ*R2
VREF = 1.25V
IADJ = 50uA (0.00005A)

Asus Smart Doctor doesn’t show the right voltages, :(, so you must use a Multimeter!

The core voltage went up from 2.01V to 2.68V after the mod. I can O/C my Asus V7100Pro card now up to 285 MHz core clock (100% stable).
My MAX Core Temps are 45C under Full Load. I use an old Spire (Speeze) CPU Cooler (5C11B3) for the GPU. Also during the bench, I put one 120mm Papst fan near the video card. (Room Temp: 16C it’s very cold this winter 😉 )

Max Overclock:

Before VMod (2.0V): 265MHz @ 36.5C
After VMod (2.5V): 285MHz @ 45C

Performace Increase in 3DMark 2001:

Asus V7100 Pro O/C @265/280: 3760
Asus V7100 Pro O/C @285/280: 3873

My system:

  • CPU: Duron 7×155
  • Asus A7V133
  • 256MB KingMax PC150
  • Win98SE
  • Detonator 22.40

Good Luck !

Stilian Rakovsky

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