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(This will probably be a work-in-progress over the next couple days.)

Code Voodoo OCWorkbench shows a some pictures of a 1500+ (1.33GHz):

They are:


Over at Anandtech Forum, someone over there got their hands on an 1800+ (1.53GHz), with codes of:


As the different codes indicate, these are not the same chips. The 1800+ is dated six weeks later and appears to have been made using a revised process.

We have a whole two chips to talk about at the moment. Might there be AGKGA 1500+? Don’t know.

Update: There is, see here for a picture of a 1500+ AGKGA.

Any real difference between an AGKFA and AGKGA? Don’t know yet.


The fellow in that thread with the 1800+ has been busy testing it, and you can read about his progress in the thread. Essentially, he’s getting 1.7GHz at 1.85V and 1.8GHz using more.

Mind you, this is with an 1800+. We don’t know yet what 1500+s will do.

He also is currently faced with one difficulty.

Laser trenches

These chips are not going out unlocked, and from his description (and from seeing the picture linked above), it does look like AMD dug a little laser trench in between the L1 bridges.

Update: Apparently, AMD has placed the L1 bridges below the surface of the CPU. Initially, it was thought these had to be exposed before the CPU can be unlocked. So far, a very small dremel will do the job, so will sandpaper
and conductive ink. See here for details.

Update 10/6/01: Somebody else with an 1800+ didn’t find it necessary to use sandpaper, just a rear window defogger kit, some tape and a toothpick.

First Update 10/7/01: Someone new steps in with his results. He’s having problems getting more than one other multiplier to work.

Back at the Icrontic forum ranch, Oppainter redid his conductive ink, laying it on thick and deep, and got 10X-12.5X multipliers working (also go to page 3). Also managed to reach 2GHz with it.

I should note that these pioneers are hardcore. They’re using voltage-modified motherboards, Peltiers, and the like. Don’t expect the same results from a CoolerMaster fan. Impression I’m getting is that 1.7GHz-ish is a more realistic target with high-end air and no voltage mod.

Second Update: Not all of these have trenches. Go here for a picture of a 1600+ (1.4GHz) without them. I’ve heard a couple other reports about 1600s being that way. Have not heard yet that the multiplier can be changed on them yet, though.

Update 10/8/01: The multiplier can be updated on these, but that may be because the CPU mentioned above is not an Athlon XP but an Athlon MP.

It looks like the pencil isn’t going to cut it and you’ll have to go with a conductive pen/car antenna repairer/something like that instead.

More as this develops.

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