ATI DX10 R600 Pictures

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A friendly mole sent me pictures of ATI’s DX10 R600 videocard – I can’t vouch that these are “real”, but nevertheless looks interesting:


The fan on the heatsink bears a label from Millennium Electronics (MEI); this is a blower configuration:


“MEI’s thermal solutions include heat sinks, fans, blowers, fan sinks, heat pipes and any combination of custom solutions.”

This company does exist and in fact produces thermal solutions for OEM customers. The fan is 24 watts, so this is NOT a puny air mover by any means; I am trying to get fan specs on this and will update if I get more on this – I’m most interested in the probable noise level. A closer view shows what looks like a four heatpipe cooling solution:


Note that there appears to be a cover on the blower which can be opened – I would guess for cleaning. You can also see that there is a plastic cover over the heatsink’s fins – a closer view of the heatpipes:


The power requirements for the videocard:


And finally the digital outputs and the fan exhaust port – note that this card takes up two slots:


Cooling always interests me and GPU cooling is a real challenge – Considering the apparent system resistances of the cooling solution, I wonder how quiet ATI’s DX10 R600 will be; I would not be surprised to see some kind of thermal monitoring to tie fan speeds to GPU heat – a supposition on my part.

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