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Corsair Obsidian 800D Case Review

We all know the popular brand name Corsair for making Memory, Power Supplies, cooling, and even some storage items. They have done more than admirable jobs in those areas as well. Now, Corsair has dipped its toes into the computer case market. Judging from the size and looks of this beast, it wasn’t a dip, but a head-first dive. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this case. Read More

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Socket 1156 (i5/i7) Burning Issues

There has been a lot of discussion lately across many sites regarding Socket 1156 burning up and charring to the socket and pin area. The rare problems we have seen are on the Foxconn made socket and tend to only occur when using extreme voltages, clock speeds, and extreme cooling. Recently there has been one publicly posted occurrence of the Lotes socket showing the same failure, under the same extreme circumstances. While this is an obvious issue for extreme benchers, a valid question was raised regarding moderate overclocks on air or water, and whether this problem could happen to them. Read More