Automated Athlon Code Reader

There’s a website out there which offers a script which lets you identify your Athlon XP.

The way it works is that you put in the three blocks of code found on the processor, and it tells you what you have.

So I went and got the codes off the 2100+ I have, which were:


And this is what it told me about it:


While most of these items can be derived easily enough with a little study, this is a convenient way to find out what you have quickly, especially if you just got it delivered to you.

There’s one item, though, that has not previously been noted before:

My CPU 2

Is this a new piece of information?

If you look at the raw codes themselves, here’s where you see a reference to “26.” It’s in the second set of numbers, and it’s the eighth and ninth digits in that set.


In a forum thread, someone noted that a week 48 AIUHB had a “2600 reject” rating while a week 7 AIUHB had a “2800 reject” rating.

However, if you look at one of the examples given on the website, a 3000+ Barton, you’ll see that it has a “26” code too:

Their CPU

Obviously, you can’t downgrade from a 2600 to a 3000.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean the “downgrade” advice is incorrect per TBreds, it’s worth looking into a bit more.

The easiest way is to ask the author, which I did last night.

In the meantime though, it might be interesting to see if we can verify or refute the pattern based on live CPUs out there, or maybe even find other patterns in those sets of numbers.

So what I’d like you to do if you’re willing is to:

1) Get the codes on any XP handy.

2) Put it through the script on the website.

3) Screen-capture the results you get and

4) Send the raw codes and the screen capture to me, at the email address just below.

Thanks! Let’s see if there’s anything to this.

Email Ed

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